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What are the Coups for the Surface Treatment of Barbecue Nets?

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Galvanizing, this method is mainly aimed at barbecue nets whose base material is iron wire, and is divided into cold galvanizing (electroplating) and hot-dip galvanizing. In fact, these two methods are coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of the mesh to achieve anti-corrosion and beautification, but their process is completely different. The anti-corrosion function of cold galvanizing is not as good as that of hot galvanizing, but Cold galvanizing is cheaper.

Barbecue Grill Netting

Barbecue Grill Netting

Electro-galvanizing is cold plating. It uses an electroplating method to galvanize the surface of the barbecue net. The process is mainly to immerse the barbecue net and the zinc block in the electrolyte at the same time. The positive and negative electrodes passing through the direct current are separated. The waste product is evenly plated in the acid electrolyte. The surface of the grilling net galvanized in the medium is brighter, and the surface of the grilling net galvanized in the alkaline electrolyte is whiter, but there is no difference in quality between the two types. This process is mainly used for the surface treatment of low-carbon steel wire (iron wire) barbecue nets.

Regarding stainless steel barbecue net products, the commonly used surface treatment method is polishing. There are three polishing methods: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, and electrochemical polishing. Each of these three methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical polishing has high brightness. Its disadvantages are high labor intensity, severe pollution, and its gloss cannot be different, the gloss persists for a long time, and it becomes stuffy and rusty. Deep-processed wire mesh products are more suitable for processing simple pieces, medium and small products.

The advantages of chemical polishing, which is a deep-processed wire mesh product, are the low investment in processing equipment, the ability to polish, high speed, high rate, and good corrosion resistance. The disadvantages are poor brightness, gas overflow, ventilation equipment, and difficulty in heating. This kind of silk screen deep-processed product is suitable for processing small batches of complex parts and products with low brightness requirements for small parts. The advantages of electrochemical polishing of this kind of wire mesh deep processing product are that the mirror gloss is long, the process is stable, the pollution is low, the cost is low, and the corrosion resistance is good.

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