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What are the Characteristics and Installation Purposes of Airport Protective Nets?

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The characteristics and installation purposes of airport protective nets, iResearch airport protective nets are mainly used for airport protection. The products are made of high-grade low-carbon steel wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, and sprayed. It is made by weaving and welding; the grid structure is simple, convenient for transportation, and installation is not restricted by topographical fluctuations, especially for mountains, slopes, and multi-curved areas.

Airport Fence Y Type Fence

Airport Fence Y Type Fence


1. Because the airport protective net has high safety and good anti-climbing ability, the mesh connection method adopts special SBS fasteners, which effectively prevents man-made destructive disassembly, and four horizontal bending stiffeners make the mesh surface strong increase. The airport fence is beautiful, practical, convenient for transportation and installation.

2. The terrain should be adapted to the terrain during installation, and the connection position with the column can be adjusted up and down with the ups and downs of the ground;

3. The horizontal installation of four bend stiffeners on the airport protective net can significantly increase the strength and beauty of the net surface while not increasing the overall cost. It is currently a popular fence net product at home and abroad.

Product Usage:

Airport protective nets are now used for guardrail protection, protective belts on both sides of roads, railways, and bridges, safety protection of airports, ports, and docks, and isolation and isolation of parks, lawns, zoos, pools, lakes, roads, and residential areas in municipal construction. Protection, protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues, etc. Isolation and protection, the safety protection of airports, ports, and docks. It can also be used for the isolation and protection of parks, lawns, zoos, pools and lakes, roads, residential areas, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, and entertainment venues in municipal construction. 

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