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What Are The Advantages Of Adhesive Plaster

Time: 07/28/2021 15:20:14

Medical adhesive plaster is a common item in wound care, which can be rolled or band-aid. Medical adhesive plaster is generally suitable for post-operative care, bandaging, and fixation of infusion catheters. So how is its performance?

1. Good adhesion, easy to tear, good fixation, suitable for fixation of large-area surgical wound care.

2. Astringent and moisturizing effect, suitable for cracked skin, cracked hands and feet, protect fingers when playing the piano, and fix it when exercising.

3. Cotton cloth is a material with good air permeability

As medical adhesive plaster suppliers, Pagoda has been committed to manufacturing medical care products, including medical surgical mask, medical protection mask, medical breathable tape and so on. In short, we basically have all kinds of medical care products. Our adhesive plaster for sale uses absorbent cotton as raw material and is made of medical zinc oxide with antibacterial, astringent and moisturizing effects, so the quality must be guaranteed. If you currently need to buy adhesive plaster, please contact us in time.

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