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Surgical Gauze Sponge Manufacturer

Time: 08/14/2021 09:09:30

If you need Surgical Gauze Sponge, we are China Surgical Gauze Sponge manufacturer.As a Surgical Gauze Sponge Manufacturer, share with you.

Gauze sponges are disposable medical supplies commonly used in medicine and surgery. Gauze sponges are available in sterile and non-sterile as well as woven and non-woven.  When used in surgery, they are called surgical sponges.

Surgical Gauze Sponge Use:

1. Gauze sponges are used in wound care for absorbing body fluids and providing protection from dirt and bacteria. 

2. Surgical gauze sponges are used in post-op and general medical applications

3. Surgical Gauze Sponge are used to absorb blood and other fluids as well as clean wounds.

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