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Surgical Gauze Bandage Manufacturer

Time: 08/20/2021 15:57:31

If you need Surgical Gauze Bandage, we are China Surgical Gauze Bandage manufacturer.As a Surgical Gauze Bandage Manufacturer, share with you.

Surgical Gauze Bandage used as a medical dressing, refined production by 100% cotton gauze, no direct contact with the wound.  A gauze bandage helps to prevent wounds from being infected.It is especially useful for dressing wounds where other fabrics might stick to the burn or laceration. Various sizes and length are available to be used for varied applications.

Production advantages:

1. 100% cotton, soft and comfortable, good breathability.

2. Non-fluorescent agent, non-poisonous, non-stimulation, non-sensitization.

3. Good tensile force, easy to bind up for different parts, necessary home care products.

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