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Sterile Medical Cotton Balls Manufacturers

Time: 08/24/2021 11:44:06

As one of sterile medical cotton balls manufacturers in China, our factory also supports customized service. Please feel free to buy high quality sterile medical cotton balls made in China from our factory.

In today's era, medical cotton balls are widely used by people and are ideal for medical treatment. Medical cotton balls are pure cotton, sterile, and gentle to the skin. Medical cotton balls are mainly used in medical treatment.

Medical Cotton Ball Features:

100% cotton as raw material, processed by degreasing and bleaching.

Medical Cotton Ball advantages:

1.100% cotton as raw material, pure white and soft, good water absorption.

2.Non-fluorescent agent, non-poisonous, non-stimulation, non-sensitization.

3.Customized sizes and packages, suitable for daily skin cleansing.

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