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Sterile Cotton Bud Manufacturers

Time: 07/15/2021 14:42:37

Cotton Bud is an item that is often used in life. It is usually widely used in various medical and beauty applications, such as baby care, health care, makeup removal, etc. It is also very suitable for patients who have to change dressings frequently. When cleaning ears, Gently wipe the outer surface of the ear with a cotton swab without entering the ear canal.

As sterile cotton bud manufacturers, the sterile cotton bud produced by Pagoda is made of 100% pure cotton, medical absorbent cotton and wooden sticks, plastic sticks or bamboo sticks. It is made from sterile supplies and does not contain optical brighteners and paper sticks.

Sterile cotton bud is widely used in the medical field, usually used in surgical procedures, puncture sites, mechanical trauma or device skin sterilizers. Ordinary cotton bud can be used for daily body surface and skin cleansing. But no matter what, our products can meet the demand. So, if you currently need a sterile cotton bud, please contact us in time!

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