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Medical Surgical Mask Manufacturers

Time: 09/17/2020 15:00:31

During the fashion, masks have become an indispensable tool for everyone to travel. Everyone in public places such as roads, subways, buses took the mask very consciously. Today, editors often overlook the details of disposable medical masks. Anyone can take a look and supplement the brief introduction.

Elderly people with weakened immunity, frail patients and children should wear masks. Many of the color masks on the market are made of synthetic fibers, which have poor breathability, have a strong chemical odor, can harm the respiratory tract and are not protective.

Masks accumulate a lot of bacteria when used for 4-6 hours and need to be replaced daily. Due to the relatively high demand for oxygen during outdoor sports, do not wear a mask while running. Masks can cause shortness of breath, even hypoxia of the organs, with serious consequences.

After wearing the mask, cover most of the mouth, nose and orbit. The edges of the mask should be close to your face, but be careful not to affect your eyesight.

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