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Medical Protection Mask Manufacturers China

Time: 10/14/2020 13:42:18

(1) Wash your hands before wearing the mask and before and after removing it.

(2) To bring the mask closer to your face:

(1) The colored side of the mask faces outward, and the side with the metal sheet faces up.

② Tighten the rope fixing the mask or wrap the mask rubber band around your ear to fit the mask to your face.

③ The mask should completely cover the nose, nose and chin.

④ Firmly press the metal plate of the mask along the side of the bridge of the nose to bring the mask close to your face.

(3) After wearing the mask, do not touch it to avoid reducing the protective effect. If you need to touch the mask, wash your hands well before and after touching.

(4) When removing the mask, do not touch the outer part of the mask as it may be contaminated with bacteria.

(5) After removing the mask, put it in an adhesive tape or paper bag, wrap it, and put it in a trash can with a lid for disposal.

(6) Replace the mask at least once a day, and if it is scratched or dirty, replace it immediately.

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