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Medical Face Masks Manufacturers

Time: 09/30/2020 14:15:47

Medical Face Masks Product Features

1. 3-ply protection,highly breathable

2. Adjustable nosepiece, earloops

3.The higher fluid resistant layer,extra soft.Designed specifically for people with sensitive skin,the better the protection from exposure to blood and splash/spray/spatter.


5.Model and specification: According to the shape of the mask, it can be divided into flat,duckbill, willow, arch or folded. According to the wearing method, can be divided into hanging ear type, lace type or head mounted type.

7.Structure and composition: This product is composed of non- woven fabricand melt- blownmask sheet, nose bridge made of plastic material, elastic ear band or tie belt.

8.Scope of application: lt is suitable for the health care of the wearer in the general medicalenvironment where there is no risk of body fluids and splashes.

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