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Medical Breathable Tape Manufacturers

Time: 06/03/2021 14:52:29

Medical Breathable Tape is a kind of tape that doctors often use when dressing wounds on patients. However, there are some things to pay attention to when choosing tape.

First, find out if you are allergic to medical tape. this point is very important. Many different allergens may be exposed when using tape, such as latex, the tape itself, and adhesives.

Secondly, it is best to use medical breathable tape. Generally, use medical tape that is breathable and gentle to the skin.

As medical breathable tape manufacturers, Baota's Medical Breathable Tape is suitable for post-operative care, bandaging, and fixation of infusion catheters.

Medical Breathable Tape features:

1. Gentle adhesion

2. Fit and highly breathable

3. Reliably fix the dressing and equipment on the skin

4. Using non-woven fabric or PE film as raw material, made of medical glue.

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