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Medical Breathable Tape For Sale

Time: 06/30/2021 10:00:54

Medical Breathable Tape, also known as surgical tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape commonly used in first aid and medical treatment to fix bandages on wounds. Medical tape can come in handy in various situations. Different types of medical tape are supported by different materials and are suitable for different applications. Some are made of softer materials, such as cotton, which are more elastic and flexible.

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Medical breathable tape is specifically designed to be firmly fixed to the skin and can be easily removed without damaging the skin. The medical breathable tape produced by Pagodais made of non-woven fabric or PE film and made of medical glue, which has high durability and flexibility. Our medical breathable tape for sale is usually used to fix ventilation tubes, intravenous infusion tubes, and fix other equipment in place.

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