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How To Choose Surgical Gauze Dressing

Time: 07/06/2021 11:33:48

Choosing the correct surgical gauze dressing is of great help to the treatment and healing of wounds.

Medical gauze is a lightweight material used for postoperative wound application or deep wound healing. Gauze dressings can be medicated or impregnated with preservatives or used for wound debridement-especially when the wound is large and there may be dead tissue.

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Gauze is a medical fabric, especially loose open tissue, used for wound care. In fact, gauze is very effective for bandaging wounds, especially when other fabrics or materials will not stick to it, usually made of cotton.

As surgical gauze dressing suppliers, Pagoda has its own independent surgical gauze dressing factory, and all surgical gauze dressings produced are made of 100% cotton, pure white and soft, dry and breathable, good water absorption, and stronger liquid absorption. Using our high-quality surgical gauze dressing is the best solution for wound treatment and healing. So, if you need to buy our surgical gauze dressing, please contact us in time!

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