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​Medical Surgical Masks Suppliers

Time: 09/22/2020 14:18:01

Medical surgical masks are suitable for basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel, as well as protection against blood, fluids, and splashes during invasive surgery. It is mainly used in a clean environment with a cleanliness of 100,000 grade or less, works in the operating room, cares for patients with low immune function, and performs operations such as body cavity puncture. Medical surgical masks block most bacteria and some viruses, prevent infection of health care workers, prevent the direct release of microorganisms carried by the health care workers' breath, and undergo surgery. Pose a threat to. For medical surgical masks, the filtration efficiency of bacteria must be 95% or more. Disposable medical surgical masks can be used to prevent suspected respiratory patients to prevent infections that are less effective than medical protective masks in order to prevent the threat of infection to other hospital staff and reduce the risk of cross-infection. Will also be issued.

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